Who are we?

SS Biochem (India) Private Limited is a manufacture of Phytochemicals, Herbal Extracts, Neem Extracts and Azadirachtin Technical and formulations for use in Organic Agriculture.

The Factory, situated at Bangalore – India is housed with state of the art manufacturing facility that has the most technologically advanced equipment to ensure quality and efficient production. The Company has created R & D facilities to develop new products and to update the existing technologies of manufacturing. Owing to the great appreciation of bio-products and formulations, standardization&quality assurance has become mandatory parameters of the bio chemical industry.

Our quality control laboratory is equipped with sophisticated instruments like HPLC (High performance Liquid Chromatography), Spectrophotometer, Digital pH & Moisture meters and other facilities that help in identification, quantification and to monitor the consistency of the products that we manufacture and deliver.

We strongly believe that business is successful only when it is done for the benefits of humanity. It has focused in identifying and development of various botanical and herbal extracts that has potent biochemical for crop protection. Today, the Company's product range represents some of the new and finest bio-products, botanical extract active ingredients and growth enhancing products for organic farming community


The company has acquired 22600 Sq Ft land at the KIADB Industrial Area at Attibele on the 12th kilometer of Hosur - Bangalore High way. In the total constructed area of 12400 Sq Ft the machinery hall of 5000 sq ft is equipped with a new and modern COMPOSITE EXTRACTION CUM DISTILLATION PLANT.

An area of 3600 Sq Ft construction has been earmarked for the storage of raw material and finished goods within the factory premises. The required Solvent storage areas to accommodate a total quantity of about 60 KL of four types of solvents are available.

A laboratory with experienced technical staff and modern testing equipments like HPLC is been housed in the Plant to monitor the quality of the extracts manufactured. The administrative office and the staff rooms are within the premises.

The major machinery in the Plant

  1. Stainless steel Extractor cum Reactor - 5 Kl
  2. Stainless steel Extractor- 3 Kl
  3. Stainless steel Reactors 1 Kl t0 5 Kl – 4 numbers
  4. Stainless steel Crystallizer
  5. Continuous Distillation Plant of 40 Kl/day
  6. Nutche filtration System
  7. Rotary Vacuum Drier
  8. Stainless steel Receivers
  9. Stainless steel Formulation Tanks with Agitator
  10. Stainless steel Storage Tanks for various capacities
  11. In-plant Service Tanks for Solvents of various capacities
  12. Steam Boiler& Cooling Towers

Technology and the Products Manufactured

With an object to manufacture Neem extract – Azadirachtin technical grade, the company has obtained the technology from The Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT) Hyderabad and created the infrastructure under the guidance of the Institute. The company has successfully extracted Neem kernel extract with the concentration of Azadirachtin up to 25 % w/w from neem kernels.

Apart from neem derivatives plant part extracts and whole plant extract has been extracted with good results. The other products processed so far is the leaf extracts of botanical species – Adathoda vasica, Andrographis, Vitex Negundo, Nerium Oleander, Lantana Camara that finds use as agricultural bio-inputs and natural medicine application.

Man power :

The factory is having required man power at all levels operation to carry out the uninterrupted and efficient production . The key personnel are experienced in the similar line of activity.

Utilities :

The connected power of 130 HP and other utilities like water etc are available as the KIADB Industrial area is fully developed and has number of prosperous units .

Statuary Clearances :

The statuary clearance for The Karnataka State Pollution Control Board has been obtained for the process of Neem Biopesticides and Herbal extraction. Similarly the Factory and Boiler license are cleared and valid for next three years.